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vosa trailer towing laws – Know the law

vosa trailer towing laws

Find out about vosa trailer towing laws, before you leave for your journey. Every day clients ask about their vehicle and their trailer and what can they legally do. You can look here for all the information needed about vosa trailer towing laws. Drivers need to know licence entitlement and limits of a vehicle. If […]


Theory test for HGV – LGV Facts and tips

theory test for HGV

Do you want some top tips and facts for a theory test for HGV or LGV? The test is broken into two parts of a theory test for HGV and the hazard perception test. It is 1 hour and 55 minutes, but you can finish anytime. It comprises of 100 multiple choice questions, with a […]


HGV Class 2 training cost explained


HGV Class 2 training cost can add up if you don’t take the right amount of training first time. If you are looking for value for money with quality training, then call us today on 07818 408336. Class 1 and Class 2 training, which is there to help you pass first time. Talk to us […]


Minibus test for teachers – Know your policy

D1 licence

Knowing the policy for a minibus test for teachers is vital, because it may break the law. A recent report on the BBC Northern Ireland news talked of schools facing prosecutions and UK law is just as strict. Hertfordshire County council make it quite clear what their policy is, so make sure you know. Follow the […]


7.5 tonne lorry test – How to pass

C1 licence

Do you want to know how to pass 7.5 tonne lorry test? We can guide you all of the way through the process from the D2 and D4 forms to the practical test. You need to be able to understand what the DVSA is looking for before you can even take a 7.5 tonne lorry […]


Car and trailer test London – What to do

vosa trailer towing laws

Do you want a car and trailer test London? It can be confusing where to start? Then we are here to help and can book it all. With so much confusion out there regarding weights of vehicles and who has entitlement. We will take the time to guide you through it all because we care. […]


Horsebox Training or drive a 7.5 tonne Horsebox?

Trailer towing course

Making a call to a training provider to ask can I take horsebox training might be necessary because the whole system of driver licence acquisition is shrouded in mystery. C1 driving licence acquisition and horsebox training is very similar. Essentially one of the first questions you need to ask yourself when considering which way to turn. […]


Trailer Test London or Hertfordshire

trailer test

Reason no. 1 – As you sit or stand there reading this. It is like when you first started looking for a new driving instructor, but this time for a trailer test Just pretend it is that time again and you now realise you must past your trailer test right now, because the more and […]


Can I tow a trailer with my Licence

Trailer towing course

This is something we get asked on a daily basis can I tow a trailer with my licence? The simple answer is, when did you pass your test and then the can of worms opens? If for example you are very lucky and passed your test before 1st January 1997, then you are in the […]


We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

LGV/HGV training – Our qualified trainers offer LGV Training in London.

PCV training – Our trainers provide PCV training & courses in London.

Trailer towing training – We offer trailer towing lessons & courses to pass your towing test.

Trailer driving lessons – We offer trailer driving lessons to prepare you to pass the B+E trailer test.

B+E (Car & Trailer) – We offer B+E car and trailer training to individuals as per their requirements.

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