Minibus test for teachers – Know your policy

Knowing the policy for a minibus test for teachers is vital, because it may break the law. A recent report on the BBC Northern Ireland news talked of schools facing prosecutions and UK law is just as strict. Hertfordshire County council make it quite clear what their policy is, so make sure you know.

Follow the following rules from Hertfordshire county council, for the requirement of a minibus test for teachers

  • If you drive for your employer, your licence MUST have category D1.
  • This includes teachers and school staff, during the school day or out of hours. That’s because you’re at work, but being paid, so it is official business.
  • There is an exemption for volunteers without D1 on their licence, but teachers are not volunteers. Our legal advice is that this exemption does not apply to teachers and school staff.

 The route to a minibus test for teachers

Applying and passing a minibus test for teachers could not be easier, than following these simple guidlines.

  1. Making the call to 07818 408336 or 020 7018 5060. Email
  2. Complete D2 & D4 forms and medical. Only £75.00
  3. Send off forms with driving licence to DVLA.
  4. Study for PCV theory test & hazard perception. Study from £25.00. Test fee £55.00
  5. Practical Training packages start from £390.00

    D1 driving licence & Mini-bus
    Pass your D1 licence

See what is involved in a minibus test for teachers

The practical driving part for a minibus test for teachers is class as an advanced test. During the test the examiner will see how well drivers:

  • Make use of the vehicle controls
  • Move away at an angle, both uphill and downhill
  • Make active use of the mirrors, to know what is going on behind
  • Ensure appropriate signals are given
  • Have awareness and anticipation of other road users’ intentions
  • Are able to manage progress and control the vehicle speed
  • Respond positively and deal with hazards
  • Select safe and legal places to stop

There is also 10 minutes of independent driving, to test ability to drive safely while making independent decisions.

Need a minibus test for teachers?

Passing a minibus test for teachers is by no means the easiest thing you can do.

Contact on 07818 408336 or 020 7018 5060 . Book a minibus test for teachers today with Sirens

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