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This is something we get asked on a daily basis can I tow a trailer with my licence? The simple answer is, when did you pass your test and then the can of worms opens?

If for example you are very lucky and passed your test before 1st January 1997, then you are in the extraordinary position of answering that question quite easily and legally. In this instance you would be able to drive a motor vehicle up to 3,500kg and if that car or van was able to, then you would be able to tow a trailer up to the same weight of 3,500kg and in fact could go up to an amazing 8,250kg depending on your licence categories, but if the car or van was above this weight, then you would again have to check your licence to answer the same question of “is it possible that I can tow a trailer”? Confused? Then CALL 07818 408336

But can I tow a trailer if I passed my test after 1st January 1997?

Whilst again this should be very easy for you to answer. It again may depend on whether you passed your test between 1997 and 18th January 2013, because again the legislation changed again. Leaving you asking either a company like us or someone else the same confused question of. But can I tow a trailer with my licence if…..

Well, how confused are you now? In this category, you can tow a small trailer weighing up to 750kg with your vehicle, which would take you up to 4,250. Still not sure can I tow a trailer above that weight? Well, of course, you can sir. You can I tow a trailer larger than 750kg, as long as the maximum gross weight does not exceed 3,500kg or the trailer is not heavier than the said car or van, that you are driving. Find out more here

So how else can I tow a trailer legally?

It goes without saying that since 19th January 2013, it has become a tad more confusing. From that date, if you were to call us and be asking us can I tow a trailer. We would again start at the basic’s, that usually drivers can tow a small trailer of no more than 750kg. In this instance, your maximum towing limit is set at 3,500kg and not 4,250kg. What we always like to say to clients is, it is not as straightforward as we would like. I think you have worked that out for yourself and found it to be the mind field.

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