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Reason no. 1 – As you sit or stand there reading this. It is like when you first started looking for a new driving instructor, but this time for a trailer test

towing test Just pretend it is that time again and you now realise you must pass your trailer test right now, because the more and more you tow that trailer illegally, the more likely you are to find yourself with a hefty fine, points and your vehicle seized by the Police or VOSA (now DVSA), which means more expense for you, in your insurance, fines and maybe even a day out in court? What would it be like if your b+e test cost was considerably lower than the fines? With no day out at court and you could pass your trailer test training near me or you? Our prices are so competitive SEE HERE

Reason No.2 – Imagine how much more relaxed you would be passing your trailer test in London or Hertfordshire today.

As you sit there and imagine what it would be like to tow your trailer legally and pass that towing test. Suppose you were caught towing illegally, how much more stressed will you feel. What would it be like having to tell a partner, business associate or family you had lost your licence. Or you have 9 points when caught.

Reason No.3 – Going on a caravan holiday, because you passed that trailer test after all

Imagine having your own home with you and being able to set off around the UK or Europe. Soon you will realize that sooner or later you have just got to find yourself the money. It’s time to contact a trailer training company near you, which means happy holidays and trips with the family.

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Reason No.4 – If you don’t pass the trailer test in London or Hertfordshire today. Then sooner or later your employer or partner might have to find someone else.

The b+e test cost should be seen as an investment because it shows you take your life skills seriously. Every time you go for a job interview, you can tell your boss you are the best candidate. You have the skills they need having sat the trailer test, which means you are more valuable to them. When you pass the towing test, you can go out and buy that caravan you always dreamed of.

Reason No.5 – Taking a Trailer test is about you and your values of being a great person and driver.

Sooner or later we all grow up and showing our children what is right or wrong is what it is all about. Towing legally shows them you take these things seriously. When you pass the trailer towing test you can then set a good example for both family and your employer. A company values staff who are willing to develop themselves and gain new skills.

Remember we can help you pass your trailer test today, so call us today and book your training, CALL 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798.

We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

LGV/HGV training – Our qualified trainers offer LGV Training in London and the Home Counties.

PCV training – Our trainers provide PCV training & courses in London and the Home Counties.

Trailer towing training – We offer trailer towing lessons & courses to pass your towing test first time.

Trailer driving lessons – We offer trailer driving lessons to prepare you to pass the B+E trailer test.

B+E (Car & Trailer) – We offer B+E car and trailer training to individuals and companies.

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