C1 driving licence ambulance

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C1 driving licence ambulance

C1 driving licence ambulance.

Obtaining a C1 driving licence ambulance sounds like a bit of a strange sentence but that is exactly what our clients look for. A C1 licence is generally needed by most health trusts or services before you become a qualified paramedic.
If you want to find out more about ambulance driver training and what is needed to progress a career. Then you must read this article, as we will explain the entire process you need to follow to get that category C1 licence.

There are many ambulance services out there and they will all be different, as to whether they will pay for your C1 training. If you want an ambulance driver training course, then we can offer a set course or a bespoke that meets your needs. Ambulance driving is an amazing experience and you will be taking on an amazing career.

What would it be like if we could take you through all the ambulance driving licence requirements?

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C1 driving licence ambulance
C1 driving licence for ambulances.

What is a C1 driving licence ambulance?

If you are looking to become a student paramedic in London or within another trust, we can certainly help you with the C1 driving test.

The vehicle used by emergency ambulances weighs more than 3500kg, which means it is not covered by your category B licence. So in order to become a paramedic and drive an ambulance, you have to work through the following;

  1. A category C1 provisional licence. To obtain this we can help you send off your full car licence and have category C1 added to it. Before we can do that, you have to fill out a D2 form, which we will also help you with.
  2. Doctors medical. To drive this vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes, you must first have a medical test. This can be arranged through us for £75.00. (correct as of 25/06/20, subject to change).
  3. Theory test and hazard perception come next. Once we have a C1 provisional licence, then you are ready to complete and pass the LGV theory test.
    This consists of 100 questions, which you must score at least 85/100. You have 1 hour 55 minutes to pass this theory test. The hazard perception is 19 videos and you have to score at least 67/100.
  4. Next step -Start the ambulance driver training. Take one of our courses with prices starting at £390.00. We would have to assess your driving experience and abilities to advise on the right course for you.
  5. CPC – This is generally not needed by emergency ambulances, as they are exempt. If you wanted to make use of your licence, then ask us about CPC module 2 and 4.

Getting close to that C1 driving licence for ambulances.

Choosing who to use for your C1 ambulance driver training is always easier if you know a little more about the company. We started out in 2006 and the company was started by a serving Police officer. He knows all about working with emergency ambulances.

At first, you may start your career in the ambulance services by working with patient transport services. As you can imagine this would be a rewarding and exciting career, so it is important to get the right emergency driver training.

If you are over 18 years old and want to become a paramedic. Then we can help you gain that C1 category and start your new career immediately.

Anyone that passed their driving test after 1st January 1997 is going to need C1 training to be able to drive up to 7.5 tonnes.

You can find out more from the College of paramedics website of how to get C1 driving licence for ambulances.

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C1 ambulance driving licence test

The test to obtain a C1 driving licence ambulances.

Once you have passed your LGV theory test with us and seen our doctor for your medical. You are ready to take your C1 driving test. To get that C1 driving licence ambulance, you should complete an adequate driving course. Once you pass this driving test, you would move on to ambulance driver training to become a paramedic.

You should now be ready to take your driving test with Sirens Driving Academy to get that C1 licence. Using a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes your C1 driving test would cover the following.

Show me/ tell me questions.

Here you will be asked questions like, “Tell me how you would check your doors are secure”. You can revise these questions here, but a good instructor would go through these with you on your driving course.

The Reversing Exercise. You have to manoeuvre your vehicle from one point to another. This has to be done without hitting the cones, straying out of the box and with good all-round observations.

The actual Driving Test at the Test Centre. This practical test consists of an on-road 50-55 minute drive on various roads. During this drive, you can make no more than 15 driving faults.

If you make 1 serious or dangerous manouevre this is, unfortunately, means you will be unsuccessful. The ideal for a C1 driving licence ambulance pass is no faults – so getting the right training is vital.

C1 driving licence ambulance
C1 driving licence for ambulance drivers.
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Remember if you call us today, you will be getting the very finest training available. You will also get a discount of 10% on the price of a course you book with us. So let us know your course provider or trust and you can take advantage of this discount.

You can also get access to further advanced driving courses, such as the emergency driver training. Known as HSDT, (high-speed driver training).

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