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HGV Class 2 licence

HGV licence cost explained

HGV licence cost is a subject, which at times can lead people to frustration such as some referring to an lgv licence.

However, what would it be like if, by the end of this blog you believed you had found the company for you?
Make the call to our office and you will feel we are there to help you get that LGV licence.
As you might have already passed your LGV theory test using our software and learning materials. You are nearly ready for your driving test. We will help you get the category C licence added to your entitlement and get you working. As an HGV driver, you are free to manage both your own time and earning potential. We can help you get there.

Usually, people feel that the amount companies ask for HGV training appears too expensive. Remember what it costs to run one of those lorries. There are also fees which the company has no control over, such as doctors medicals, fuel costs and test fees. Most companies also have to have a large training centre, where you can practice for your practical test. So all of this begins to add up.

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HGV licence cost
HGV licence cost

What does the HGV licence cost?

When you look at the LGV training costs involved in getting that LGV licence. We can break it down into the following.

  1. Doctors medical – Usually with your own doctor, this can cost you as much as £150.00. We can get you a discounted rate of £75.00 per medical, which as you can see is half the price.
  2. Converting a licence. – Upgrading your driving licence to add the provisional entitlement for either LGV or PCV is free. We always advise our clients to add the following licence entitlements at the same time. D1, Cat C and Cat D. Once you pass the respective class, such as Class 2 cat C licence, you can then upgrade to C+E.
  3. LGV theory test study software. – We charge you £25.00 for an exceptional piece of software, which if used correctly and often will help you pass the theory test first time.
  4. LGV/ PCV theory and hazard perception test. – The charge for this is £55.00 to take your test. We can book this at many of the training locations.
  5. HGV licence training – Once you have completed the above you can look at one of our courses and the prices for our course are £1150, inclusive of the DVSA test fee of £115.00 (prices correct 28/04/21). As you can see our HGV licence cost are reasonable, so why not look at how to get your class 2 or class 1 LGV licence.

    Tips for passing HGV practical test
    Great prices for HGV licence cost Class 1 & 2

Choosing the best HGV licence cost

You have the choice to look around and find the company that works for you. We have instructors who are DVSA registered driving instructors. They are highly qualified to ensure you get your Category C licence and go onto driver CPC.

We can offer pass protection, but this is not included in the £1,075.00. We like to ensure our clients get through their test the first time but sometimes this isn’t possible. For an extra £250.00, we can offer pass protection, which means if you are not successful. The test fee is FREE until you do pass. Ask us about this amazing offer.

The other important thing to look for when choosing your HGV licence cost and what company to use, is where? We use four different test centres in Yeading, Leighton Buzzard, Enfield and Guildford. If you want your LGV driving test as soon as possible. Then we can book a course to fit around your needs and book it at one of these centres.

Make the call today and speak to us about finding the best HGV licence cost. Call 07818 408336 or 07984 493798. You can also email enquiries@sirensdrivingacademy.co.uk. Our contact page is here

HGV licence cost & getting qualified

To obtain your LGV licence, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a full car licence. Follow the steps below and get qualified with us. If at any stage you want to reach out and call us, we will be ready to help.

Step 1. – Complete the D2 and D4 forms, which we will help you with. The D2 form is for the application to upgrade your licence. The D4 form is for the doctor to complete and you can download it here. We can also help you through all of these forms. Call us today to get our help 07818 408336 or 07984 493798.

Step 2. – Time to start studying hard to pass that LGV theory test. You have to spend time learning the material, as this is a test of knowledge. If you don’t study you will not have the knowledge. Remember it is your money you are wasting and this adds to your HGV licence cost.

Step 3. – Call us and book your course for on-road training. Our prices are competitive, so give us a chance. We offer a 5-day course for your Class 2 and a 3-day course for Class 1. We feel our professional team will be able to guide and coach you to success. Tel. 07818 408336 or 07984 493798.

Step 4. – Take and pass CPC module 2. We can help you pass this with our software. Call or email us today.

Step 5. – Pass your CPC module 4 with us as well. You can take further training with us and hire our vehicle for that test.

You are now ready for your LGV career. Make the call today to us and we can get you qualified. (all prices subject to change and only correct as of 28/04/21)

To discuss your HGV licence cost call us today on 07818 408336 or 07984 493798.

HGV licence cost
HGV licence cost

We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

LGV/HGV training – Our qualified trainers offer LGV Training in London and the Home Counties.

PCV training – Our trainers provide PCV training & courses in London and the Home Counties.

Trailer towing training – We offer trailer towing lessons & courses to pass your towing test first time.

Trailer driving lessons – We offer trailer driving lessons to prepare you to pass the B+E trailer test.

B+E (Car & Trailer) – We offer B+E car and trailer training to individuals and companies.

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