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C1 licence

With a C1 licence, you can start your career today as an LGV driver. Imagine starting your career here and building your licence up to the higher levels and a future career. Suppose we had all the advice to be able to start that career and get your C1 provisional here. What would that feel like, to not waste your time looking elsewhere?

If you are looking to upgrade your car licence or drive a larger vehicle. We can help you today with larger vehicles up to the C+E driving licence.

C1 licence
C1 licence & C+E

We provide all the details to get through the medical examination and pass the LGV theory test. If you are looking to start your HGV training today, then this is what you need to know.

What can I drive now or when I get my C1 licence?

  • Category B licence – Here you can drive a motor vehicle up to and including 3,500kg. If you passed before 1st January 1997, then you should hold grandfather rights. This includes having the B+E trailer entitlement. If you passed after this date, but before 13th January 2013, then you do not have these Grandfather rights and would need to upgrade your licence. We go into more detail of BE trailer licence elsewhere.
  • Category C1 licence – Once you pass the medical exams, get your provisional licence and the driving test. You can drive a rigid vehicle weighing between 3,500kg and up to 7,500kg. You can also tow a trailer weighing up to 750kg.

Start your career here today and give us a call to help you get your C1 driving licence. Call 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798.

C1 licence
C1 licence

What age do I need to be for C1 licence?

To drive a vehicle weighing 7.5 tonnes, you have to be at least 18 years of age. This can be your first HGV provisional licence and companies would be keen to give you work. There is currently a shortage of C1 licence holders because people are looking elsewhere for a career.
To apply for the provisional C1 driving licence could not be easier. We can book the medical examination for you and help complete the paperwork. Remember we have an excellent package to help you pass the theory test the first time. We have a theory test pass rate above the national average by some distance. Currently at 91% first-time pass rate for the LGV theory test. To be able to drive an LGV from 18 years old, you first have to complete the CPC module’s, which are 1, 2,3 and 4.

  • Module 1LGV theory test. An LGV theory test and hazard perception.
  • Module 2 – Case studies. Completed online at a DVSA test centre.
  • Module 3 – Practical driving test. An on-road driving test.
  • Module 4 – Practical demonstration at DVSA test centre.

To be able to drive a 7.5 tonnes LGV vehicle from 18 years old is a great achievement, so call today.

To get that C1 provisional and start your career, you should call us today on 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798.

How to use a C1 Licence – What can I drive?

A quick search of the internet and you can find so many 7.5 tonne LGV driving jobs because of the demand. As a result, you should have no problem finding work with your new C1 licence. How would you feel getting that new job, as a result of passing the LGV driving test the first time?

The first thing you should do is contact us because we can get you started and get that LGV provisional entitlement sorted. You can then relax, while we book in your medical examination and LGV theory test.

Once you have booked with us, you can see even more opportunities. Once you have gained the C1 driving licence, you could become a Paramedic because they need a C1 licence too. To become a paramedic is a great life choice because you can help people when they are in need. To find out more about this career, then you should check out the College of Paramedic website.

C1 licence
C1 licence

You may also find that although you have a B+E driving licence, that you want to upgrade your horsebox to a larger vehicle. There are a lot of 3,500kg horseboxes but they do also have larger ones up to 7,500kg. Some horseboxes can also be over 7500kg, which means you would need a category C licence.

For advice on the Category C licence, which is also known as Class 2, call us today on 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798.

Obtaining your C1 licence today.

Call us today and we can guarantee that you would not be disappointed. Our promise to you, is that you will get a first class service from the first call you make to us. We can do the following for you and get your C1 driving licence to you without any fuss.

  1. Complete the paperwork, including the D4 medical form and D2 driving licence application.
  2. Book the medical examination at a discounted rate of £75.00.
  3. Arrange and book your LGV theory test and hazard perception.
  4. Assess your driving, so that you can get the best training possible to pass your LGV driving test the first time.
  5. Follow this up with getting you through your CPC module 2 and 4.
  6. Put you in touch with some of the best agencies around to get that C driving job.

If you are looking to get your C1 provisional today and not sure where to start, then you should call us. Our team can ensure that they take care of the booking process professionally because that is what we do. You don’t need to sit there and be unclear what to do because all you should do is call us.

Make that call today and immediately start the process to get your C1 licence, call 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798 or EMAIL.

We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

LGV/HGV training – Our qualified trainers offer LGV Training in London and the Home Counties.

PCV training – Our trainers provide PCV training & courses in London and the Home Counties.

Trailer towing training – We offer trailer towing lessons & courses to pass your towing test first time.

Trailer driving lessons – We offer trailer driving lessons to prepare you to pass the B+E trailer test.

B+E (Car & Trailer) – We offer B+E car and trailer training to individuals and companies.

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