C1 Driving Licence – 7.5 tonne lorry

Do you want clarity on a C1 Driving licence for your work? Need Ambulance driver training or a 7.5 ton lorry horsebox licence, then you must read on?

1st Important thing you need to know about obtaining your C1 driving licence for any job or an amazing life as a Paramedic completing Ambulance driver training, is you will need it for that role, usually before you even start and also if you intend to drive a 7.5 ton lorry for a horsebox licence, then you must read on tooC1 driving licence and ambulance driver training or you will find yourself being stopped by the Police or VOSA(Now DVSA) and facing a heavy fine and points.

If you can see yourself as a paramedic, then remember that on The College of Paramedics website they advise that it will be difficult to succeed in the career without this licence, which means in essence you will need to take and pass the driving test to obtain your C1 Driving licence as soon as possible.

Call today and to give clarity and around driving 7.5 ton lorry or horsebox or pass C1 Ambulance driver training.

2nd Important thing needed to get a C1 driving licence today

What would it be like to call and have all the paperwork completed for a C1 driving licence? D2 and D4 forms are completed. Then have the medical, so we can even book your medical with our own doctor. DVLA will add the C1 driving licence entitlement to your licence. c1 driving licence 7.5 tonne lorry

3rd Important thing you will want to know is how much it will cost to have C1 driving licence added.

Imagine what it will be like having a C1 driving licence and what it can offer employers. Realising a dream of finishing C1 ambulance driver training means you can move on and get that place at university or contact a NHS trust to start a career. Remember employers will be looking to see a C1 Licecnce before your blue light response training.

Courses for a C1 driving licence for any role driving over 3.5 tons, including both C1 Ambulance driver training or 7.5 tonne lorry and horsebox is the same depending level.

Prices can be as little as £390 if you have already done the Medical and Theory test.

4th and final important information, so you can get your C1 driving licence
  1. Call today to complete all of the paperwork, book a medical and send out the theory test software.
  2. Take and pass your theory test and hazard perception.
  3. Book practical training based on ability
  4. Take your practical C1 driver training.Then drive any vehicle up to 7.5 ton lorry & horsebox, C1 ambulance.
  5. Enquire about CPC.

To obtain your C1 driving licence today for your new job driving a 7.5 ton lorry and/ or that exciting job at the NHS of your choice that C1 ambulance driver training or a 7.5 ton lorry horsebox call us or email. Call 07818 408336

We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

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