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I am sure with the current shortage of drivers you’re looking at passing C1 driving test soon. Maybe we can give you some tips and advice.

Remember if you pass the 7.5-tonne C1 test, then you become entitled to drive C1 rigid vehicles up to 7.5, plus a 750kg trailer.

You might have noticed that when you pass your Cat C driving test, then you are able to drive a rigid vehicle up to 20 Tons, as well as a C1 category vehicle. 

If you find yourself confused about C and C1, then call us on 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798.

So what other advice would we give you?

Our first bit of advice is every time you speak to a company about training ensure it is them providing the training because there are some agencies out there acting as middlemen. Remember if you book through an agency, you will have to pay agency fees on top. They will not guarantee the quality of the training provided so your C1 training course could fall short.

Sooner or later you will realize that passing the C1 driving test really is based on the quality of the training. 

So call us today. Tel. 07818 408336 or 07984 493798

Superb C1 training courses in your area. Passing C1 driving test tips

  • Let us take care of everything from the D4 medical forms and D2 to booking everything for you. 
  • Study hard, but in short duration. Read as much as you can, like the Highway code, and know your signs books. We can supply these books free of charge.
  • Brush up on your hazard perception and find online help or buy a DVD. We have free DVDs or can set you up on our excellent online theory test. 
  • Take your mock tests here. We supply all of the software to ensure you have the very best chance of passing.
  • Note: We are specialists in training ambulance drivers as well.

Passing C1 driving test practical test tips

Whether passing the category C1 driving test is for driving an ambulance, a horsebox, or for work, it’s important to know what is actually expected on the test itself.

A driving test report looks like this. You are only allowed up to 15 driving faults. One “Serious” or “Dangerous” is a fail, but our aim is to coach you to not make any of these faults. 

So make sure your driver training includes the following; pass your C1 driving test report

  • Plenty of practice time, whether with a company or in your own vehicle
  • Make sure that your driving is smooth. You are aiming for no unnecessary gear changes, heavy braking, or acceleration.
  • Ensure you always corner the vehicle safely. Bear in mind you will be carrying loads with this test pass.
  • Use your mirrors frequently and at the right times. This is vital when entering new roads, turning, or changing speed.
  • Know the safety features of the vehicle you are driving and the all important pre-checks.

Quality HGV Driving Courses in your area. Work with the best.

Okay. Suppose there was a company that took passing the C1 courses and the driving test so seriously, that they gave you everything you need to know – and the very best quality trainers.

Well, that’s exactly what we do.

We provide training in London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and all surrounding areas. We even help you with completing all the paperwork. As well as arranging the D4 medical test to be carried out by our preferred doctor rather than a local GP who will probably charge double the cost.

At Sirens Driving Academy the team will guide you all the way. Call us today, and you could be one step closer to passing your LGV C1 test.

Remember if you have a C1 entitlement to drive as “grandfather rights”, then you still need to pass your annual CPC requirements to “work for payment”. Anyone aged 18 years and older can drive a 7.5 tonne vehicle with a provisional entitlement provided they are supervised.

Driver Training and Driving Courses in your area.

If getting your C1 driving licence is important to you call 07818 408 336 or 07984 493798 or email the team. 

We have qualified driving instructors. They are experienced in offering:

LGV/HGV training – Our qualified trainers offer LGV Training in London and the Home Counties.

PCV training – Our trainers provide PCV training & courses in London and the Home Counties.

Trailer towing training – We offer trailer towing lessons & courses to pass your towing test first time.

Trailer driving lessons – We offer trailer driving lessons to prepare you to pass the B+E trailer test.

B+E (Car & Trailer) – We offer B+E car and trailer training to individuals and companies.

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