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Today’s blog is about trailer test tips, so that people can pass their trailer test first time. Remember the trailer test is a driving test and we remind our clients that, which is why they passed first time. To pass the towing test first time, we are giving you 5 important things to remember today;

  • Take the test seriously. Remember there is an actual driving test involved and you will find yourself learning new skills. To pass first time, the towing vehicle must be capable and legally able to tow your trailer. There are vehicle safety questions about the car and trailer, which you should know. Items like breakaway cable, which are for safety have to be known. Try and read as much as you can about the test, so you know what to expect.

trailer test tips

  • As it is a driving test another one of our trailer test tips, is ensure your driving ability is what the examiner is looking for. The examiner is looking for good forward planning and that the driver is aware of all hazards around them. The examiner is looking to see that the driver checks their mirrors often and is aware of other road users at all times. Good all round observations, shows the examiner you are concentrating and aware of all hazards. Give yourself plenty of distance from you and the vehicle in front, even in slow moving traffic. On our course we teach all of this and here are 3 reasons to choose us today. Call 07818 408 336 or 020 7018 5060. Email

More trailer test tips

  • Here we show the reversing manoeuvre safely, with the car and trailer under control. There is no time limit on this driving test reverse, but you do have two shunts, if you need them. Out trailer test tips here are that you take your time. While you are reversing, you use plenty of all round observations. Keep the speed of the vehicle and trailer low, at all times using the clutch and brake. To complete this part of the reversing manoeuvre satisfactory, know how to control the towing vehicle in the opposite direction safely. On this site some parents discuss the benefit of quality training, so call us on 07818 408336. If you book a course with us, then we can assess what training you need. As we know what the examiners want, it is better to discuss your expectations with a professional


Trailer test tips on dual carriageways and motorways

  • On our day course, which we call a silver course you can learn all about how to control the towing vehicle. Like many of our customers who passed first time, our trailer test tips are actually all supplied to them. Using our PDF handout, helps you learn, because reading it and then doing it, is far easier for drivers. Our tip to pass your driving test first time here, is learn as much as you can. Knowing how a vehicle and trailer can get out of control, becomes important to understand when you have potentially doubled the weight of your car and trailer. Imagine part of the driving test takes you along a busy dual carriageway. If you are passing a heavt goods vehicle, our trailer test tips to you, is know who your car and trailer may behave. The increase in wind from that towing vehicle, combined with your car and trailer, could cause issues. Ensure while on dual carriageways or motorways and travelling in opposite directions, you leave enough space around your vehicle.

Our last trailer test tips

  • The last of our last trailer test tips today, is around the towing vehicle and trailer. When you arrive for the driving test the towing car has to have some important items. Firstly it needs to have a current MOT and be insured. The car has to display L-plates on the front and on the back of the trailer. A seat-belt must be present and working for the examiner and driver. The piece of equipment everyone forgets is the extra mirrors for the examiner. A company providing training would know this, but when people turn up with no training, they fail at this hurdle. You can find out more here

If you want to be like our other clients who passed first time and book a course with us and benefit from a our trailer test tips. Call today on 07818 408 336 or 020 7018 5060. Not only will you be lucky to receive our trailer test tips from one of our experienced trainers, but you may pass first time.

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