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Today it is all about tips for passing HGV practical test. The first thing people want to know for their test day is that their driving skills are good enough. Imagine turning up for the driving test and not knowing enough to be able to pass without making the 15 minor faults or a serious error. Remember that the HGV class 1 driving test or class 2, is an advanced test because you are being trusted with a vehicle weighing more than 7.5 ton up to potentially over 40 tons.

What would it be like if the HGV test cost included the best training available and you arrived at the test centre knowing everything there is to know? Once you have completed the theory test and hazard perception, you can get on with passing the practical driving test. At our training centre our HGV training offers you everything you want to know about passing the first time. You can instantly see that we take passing your driving test first time with us is the most important part of the training.

Our tips for passing HGV practical test should make you feel that you are ready to take the test now. Once you have read our tips make a call today on 07818 408336 or 07984 493798.

tips for passing hgv practical test
Great prices for HGV Class 2 training cost. Tips for passing hgv practical test

Our tips for passing hgv practical test

  1. Remember to ensure you have a good night’s sleep the night before your driving test. Driving a goods vehicle can be tiring. It is so important to be alert on both test days and after you pass. Once you pass with us, your new company will want you to understand driver hours and how to comply with them.
  2. Imagine turning up wearing flip-flops on the day of your LGV driving test. As you can imagine that would be totally unacceptable. Ensure you wear clothing that you feel comfortable in, but that is suitable to conduct a driving test in.
  3. It is not necessary for you to have your mobile phone on the driving test. So turn it off or leave it with your instructor. Remember when you have passed the LGV driving test, using your mobile phone while driving can cost you, your job and your career.
  4. Being prepared is important. You should have your driving licence with you and an up-to-date address on it. When you pass they will send your new licence within two weeks to your current address.
  5. As you want the best chance of passing your practical driving test the first time. It is important to be well prepared, but not exhausted. It is important to have a warm-up drive before your test but this should be balanced with ensuring you can concentrate enough during your test.

Remember these tips for passing HGV practical test

These tips for passing HGV practical test are essential reading if you want to pass the first time.

  1. Making safe, adequate progress during the LGV driving test is essential. What this means is driving within speed limits throughout the test route but not unnecessarily impeding other road users.
  2. Planning ahead is important, as an LGV can take a lot longer to stop. The more you train with us, you should see how important it is to think ahead and plan where to stop your vehicle safely and under control.
  3. If you find yourself on the brakes all of the time, remember what the instructor told you about gears. Gears are for going and brakes for slowing. What this means is to use your gears at the right time and not make unnecessary changes.
  4. The more you listen to your instructor, the more you realise that mirrors are also so important. On the LGV practical driving test, you should look to check your mirrors at least every 5-10 seconds. That way you always know what is around you and your vehicle.
  5. As you move off from the side of the road in our truck, ensure you check the blind spots!! A good check over the right and the left shoulder is essential but also look down for cyclists. This is a must. The more you practice this with us, the more it becomes second nature. Remember these tips for passing HGV practical test too.

    tips for passing hgv practical test
    tips for passing HGV practical test. Call today

Knowing these tips for passing hgv practical test saves you money

If you know these tips for passing HGV practical test, it can save you money. The more you know about what the examiners are looking for, the more you can prepare yourself. Our last tips for passing the LGV test the first time.

  1. Ensure you are smooth with the controls and try not to scare the examiner.
  2. Remember you are driving a large vehicle and judge when to slow down early. It is better to stop and give way, than trying to squeeze through unrealistic gaps.
  3. While you are reversing during training and test, it may be useful to take off your seatbelt. This may allow you to move your body more so that the examiner can see your observations.
  4. If you need the two shunts, then it is important to use them. Imagine how annoyed you would be if you hit a cone just because you didn’t correct your position.
  5. You have up to 15 driving faults but can only make one serious or dangerous. Every time you make the same mistake, this can tally up and become serious. Practice allows us to create new habits.
Using these tips for passing the HGV practical test

At Sirens Driving Academy we realize that passing your LGV driving test is likely to be a huge financial investment. Sooner or later you may want to upgrade your HGV class 2 to an HGV class 1. If you find yourself looking at our website and realising we are the company for you, then check out our prices.

Every time our new clients come to us, they can see how we are different from other companies. What this means is we listen to our customers and go the extra mile so that they achieve their aims. Just pretend you have called us today to book your practical driver training which means you closer to passing the LGV theory test and hazard perception on our course.

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