How to pass b+e driving test

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how to pass b+e driving test

Are you lacking confidence in how to pass b+e driving test? Are you finding that all of this GVW or maximum gross weight confusing? Do You also feel that passing a test before 1st January 1997 or after 18th January 2013 is mindboggling?

I am sure you will agree there is a lot of information but also confusion as to what it actually means. But what will it take to get you through the dreaded trailer test reverse exercise? What is the uncoupling and recoupling all about and what does that mean?

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how to pass b+e driving test
how to pass b+e driving test

Knowing how to pass b+e driving test is vital to success.

Thinking you know how to pass a trailer test but having no training is not advised. How much training would you have if you wanted to become a pilot? If you want to be successful and not waste the £115 test fee, then you should get professional help.

Even if you want to tow another car behind your car then you have to pass the b+e test. Most horseboxes and vehicles combined will exceed the 3500kg limit so know your weights.

The examiner will test you in the following areas so why not get some help;

• A reversing exercise which is an S-shaped reverse. If you have no experience of towing then it is advised to get training for this.

• Uncoupling and recoupling which lasts about 5-10 minutes but it must be performed safely.

• Drive on a variety of roads for about 1 hour so that you can be tested in different conditions. Don’t let your ego stop you taking some expert advice here.

• A show me, tell me section that checks your knowledge and understanding of the vehicles.

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The reverse exercise on the b+e test

The reversing exercise is not to be feared because with the right training anyone can pass this. As you can see from the reversing exercise diagram the S bend reverse is straight forward. The important thing here is to be methodical and take your time. There is no limit so be patient with the exercise and use good observations to check all around you.

The important thing to remember if you want to pass the trailer test is that you may need training. The reversing exercise can be practised on private land but make sure you have the owners permission. Our advice is practice, practice, practice or call us today.

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Not an ordinary driving test so prepare for the trailer test.

The b+e driving test is not to be taken lightly and lasts for approximately 1-hour. In that time you can only make up to 15 driving faults but 1 serious or dangerous is a fail.

The trailer driving test will take you on a mixture of A and B roads, of variable speed limits. As a driver, you will need to plan early, look further and use your mirrors vigorously. The roads may have blind bends, heavy pedestrian areas and country lanes so you must concentrate well.

The driving test part is looking at an advanced level so make sure your driving is up to standard. The examiner will not care that you can drive one-handed or without indicating. It is vital that your driving is assessed by a professional or you may find that you easily pick up driving faults. If you repeat the same fault 3 times, it is likely this will become serious and result in a fail.

You will also have to make sure your vehicle is fitted with external mirrors for your examiner and the trailer is weighted. The trailer should contain no less than 600kg of either sand or water and must be a closed box body. It must also be around the same width and height as the car. You must only be able to see to the rear by using external mirrors and not through the rear window.

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